March 1, 2016

We are in the process of upgrading your spam filtering for your email service but we need your help.   

The reason you will want to do this right now:

The volume of spam that you'll receive can be cut down by 98.3% by making this straightforward switch.


In order to receive the benefit of this new filtering you will have to change your MX record from: (old)


to the new record (new)


NOTE: After reading this message you will need to complete this action by April 2nd 2016 to ensure that your mail filtering service is upgraded as soon as possible. 

What will happen when I make this change?

If you are a customer utilizing:

Your account will be completely migrated from the Nettica customer management portal to the DuoCircle portal.

The new portal can be accessed with your current Nettica username and password at

If you are a:

  • Hosted Mail customer

Your spam settings will be handled at DuoCircle and your email hosting will remain on Nettica. For a short period of time, you’ll have two control panels to manage your settings. 


How to change your mx record?


Not sure how to change your MX record - here is a guide provided by Google that walks you through changing your MX records on different providers. 


PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE TO CHANGE to do not use the Google suggested mx records.  


If you have already made these changes please click this link and we won't send you any more reminders about this change. 


If you have any questions or concerns during the migration please do not hesitate to contact support at:

Create a support request:

DuoCircle Admin Portal: