Does your hosted email service include webmail? 
Yes. We have a very rich webmail interface that includes a rich-text editor for composing email, easy-to-use interface, contacts import from a variety of mail clients, spam controls for blacklisting, a responsive interface for mobile devices and and much, much more. 

To sign-in to your new webmail portal, go to and enter your full email address and password, all emails should be sent and received via this portal. You will also see any new mail coming in over the next several hours. 

To view your old email while it is being copied over the new infrastructure please go to

How do i setup my mail client to use your service?

The following configuration parameters apply to your email client configuration:

Full Email Address Example -
(incoming) pop3 server
(outgoing) smtp server
pop3 port
smtp port
Security     STARTTLS
outgoing smtp server requires authentication?
Yes, use the same setting as my incoming mail server
logon using spa?

If you have any problems setting up your POP3 client try setting up an IMAP account using the following settings

Incoming mail server:
IMAP port : 143 (if SSL off) ; 993 (if SSL on)
Encryption Auto

Outgoing mail server:
Outgoing port : 587
Encryption: Auto

If you are still having issues setting up your account, please email us at

Which mail protocols do you support? 
Our hosted mail service uses SMTP and POP3 to send and receive email. 

I get "authentication required" when trying to send mail. what's wrong? 
Our outgoing SMTP servers require authentication. Check your mail client configuration and ensure that feature is enabled.

I get authentication errors when trying to receive email. what's wrong? 
You must enter your full email address as your username. Your mail client may have removed the domain name when you configured your mail account. 

How do i setup my dns records to use your hosted mail service?
Host NameTypeTTLData
example.comHost (A)Default10.0.0.1
Mail (MX)12 Hours10
mail.example.comAlias (CNAME)12 Hours
webmail.example.comAlias (CNAME)
12 Hours
www.example.comAlias (CNAME)

To setup your domain to use our hosted email, we recommend the settings above.

My isp blocks port 25. How can i send email using your hosted email service?

Some isps block the smtp port to cut down on spam. this is reasonable on their part, but makes sending email using third-party providers difficult. our email servers listen on additional non-standard smtp ports& to deal with this issue. if you find your isp is blocking port 25, you can configure your email client's smtp server port to 2525, 2500, or 2550. please contact support if you have any problems.