The common exchange formats for email are MIME (.eml) and Mbox (.mbox) which are both supported for import.

Importing Email Messages

One or multiple files with either MIME or Mbox data can be uploaded to add email messages to the currently selected folder:

  1. Click the folder where the imported messages should be added.
  2. Select Import messages from the Folder actions menu behind the gear icon in the folders list footer.
  3. Select the file to import from your computer’s hard drive. You can select multiple files in the file picker dialog by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys while selecting a file.
  4. Press Upload to start the import process.

Exporting Email Messages

Messages from your inbox or any other folder can be downloaded to your computer for archiving or backup. When exporting, messages will be saved as single .eml files.

Download a Single Message

To download an email message, first select a message in the Messages List and then choose Download (.eml)from the More menu in the toolbar. Choose where to save the exported .eml file if prompted, otherwise find the file in the “Downloads” folder on your computer.

Download Multiple Messages

Multiple messages will be packed into a Zip file for downloading. Select individual messages in the Messages List and then follow the instructions for downloading a single message. You need to unpack the downloaded .zip archive to access the individual message files.

Export an Entire Folder

For archiving purposes all messages from a folder can be downloaded as .zip archive without first selecting them in the list.

Switch to the folder you want to export and then select Download folder from the Folder actions menu behind the gear icon in the folders list footer.