The Address Book let you adjust various options and settings that control the behavior and the UI of the Roundcube WebMail application. The numerous settings are grouped by the following sections below:

Note : After changing preferences, don’t forget to save them by clicking the Save button below the settings form.

Address Book

Steps in opening Address Book:

Default address book
Select the default address book where new contacts are saved to when adding them from the mail view.

List contacts as

Choose how names are displayed in the contact list.

Sorting column
Select the contact attribute used for sorting the contacts in the list.

Rows per page
The number of contacts displayed at a time (aka a “page”) in the contact list.
Skip alternative email addresses in autocompletion
With this option checked, every contact will only appear once in the autocompletion list that appears when you start typing in the recipient field. The first email address of the selected contact will then be inserted. If disabled, all email addresses of a matching contact are displayed for selection.