Nettica Hosted / Gateway / MX Backup and Forwarding Accounts - Billing Update

As a business decision, we suspended the billing automation and account cleanup process of any Nettica services during 2017 because we were having infrastructure problems. We did not want to bill for a service that was not providing excellent reliability or uptime. 

We are now fully migrated to the new platform and will be sending out invoices for Nettica service. If your service has expired you will receive a new invoice with instructions on how to update your billing information in the DuoCircle portal. 

If you have questions about your billing please contact support and we would be happy to assist you. 

The estimated timeline is:

July 15th - Send new invoices, send multiple follow-up invoices to the admin user. 

July 31 - Suspension of services with open invoices. 

August 10 - Deletion of service for suspended services that are no longer active.  At this point in time your account would have been inaccessible for 10 days. 

The deletion of service means that all backups and legacy information will be permanently removed from our system.